Our services

Delivering sustainable business - in practice

We partner with companies on the journey from identifying their human rights impacts and addressing their social risks to delivering greater positive impact.  We engage in the human detail, from field to boardroom, to ensure aspiration is matched by reality.


Addressing the impact of your business on people, by engaging, inquiring & building trust


Managing risk and supporting innovation, by embedding new due diligence practices across your business


Partnering courageous leaders, while building new capabilities from field to boardroom.


Sensitively gathering insight into impacts on vulnerable people

We help you identify and address the impact of your business on people throughout your value chain, including the most vulnerable. We map out your business operations and then use existing data-sets and processes of collaborative inquiry to uncover rights-holders' perspectives. We establish where there is harm - or the potential for it - and also clarify where there are opportunities to avoid, reduce or mitigate impact, as well as contribute more positively.

We grow trusting relationships within your business and among your stakeholders - especially those particularly at risk. We have a track-record of getting beneath the surface to access the insights and relationships necessary for effective diagnosis and action.

As pioneers in this field, we have developed our own, practical approach to human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) - through participation in international practitioner networks, collaborative working amongst our expert consultants and ongoing technology innovation to support remote engagement with rights-holders at scale.


Implementing the 'hard wiring' and 'soft wiring' of responsible business

Our combination of human rights and responsible business expertise, with organisational and systemic change consulting skills, is unique. We can advise you both on the 'hard wiring' of policies, processes and governance structures, and the 'soft wiring' of values, behaviour and culture. This means we can truly help you embed Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) and related due diligence practices into your business and its supply chain.

We regularly work with functional teams as well as the Sustainability Department: procurement for responsible sourcing, HR for responsible recruitment, and strategy for M&A due diligence... This seems key to promoting effective action to address your social risks and integrate the disciplines required to innovate - delivering sustainable and responsible business in practice.

We have developed our own 'gap assessment' approach - with related capacity diagnostic tools - which can help you establish existing levels of understanding and maturity of process across your business. It can also help develop what is already in place and focus your efforts to reach a next level of ambition - whether to meet increasing ESG expectations, or put your corporate values into practice.

We support due diligence in own operations as well as through supply chains - bringing considerable understanding to the challenge of responsible sourcing.


Capability-building for a sustainable future

We partner leaders at every level to contribute to the shifts in organisational purpose, values, operating model and behaviours required to adapt and thrive in these transformational times.

This varies from supporting Boards and leadership teams with strategy and governance, to growing middle-management change-agent skills, to building new capabilities on the ground.

Our work is uniquely suited to helping large organisations transfer quality data and insight between local teams, wider stakeholders and the executive - and catalysing action accordingly. Our approach enables the new alliances and breakthrough collaborations required to respond adequately to rapidly changing local and global circumstances.

We are in the process of launching our 2050 Academy, offering digital resources and new training experiences to grow leading-edge sustainability and business change skills across large, complex systems.