About us

We bring multi-disciplinary teams together to deliver impactful solutions

Dedicated to human dignity and flourishing in all that we do.

Our History

Supporting innovations in responsible business practice since 2004

Luke Wilde founded twentyfifty in 2004. Previously, he worked with business and the United Nations, developing management practices and trainings which, under the UN Guiding Principles of Business Human Rights, have become the expectation of all companies. Touched by the UN’s prediction at the time that the world’s population would reach 9 billion by 2050, and foreseeing the immensity of the human and ecological challenges ahead, Luke realised that “what business does today will shape the world in 2050”. And so, twentyfifty was born.

Luke’s founding vision was to help leading companies develop strategic yet practical approaches to respect human rights and, ultimately, address many related social sustainability issues.

“We’re in the privileged position of having access to leaders of the world’s largest companies, now committing to agendas which could positively impact billions of lives.”

We partner and collaborate with...

Government & NGOs

We share our insights and experience to support meaningful UNGP implementation & social sustainability.  In understanding both rights-holder realities and business implementation challenges, we respect all parties’ need for safe spaces to collaborate productively.

Field researchers

We have a global network of local field researchers whom we partner to engage rightsholders respectfully and sensitively. We take great care to do this well, seeing skilled ‘stakeholder engagement’ as a critical success factor in our work.

Partner consultancies

We acknowledge that the complexity and challenge of the sustainability agenda requires new and sophisticated forms of collaboration across different disciplines. We partner with experts in climate, environmental impact & reporting, data analytics, business change & more.

Legal specialists

To keep track of legislative developments worldwide and ensure we are taking care in the due diligence advice we give & recommend, we have set up an advisory panel of international lawyers and partner with a policy intelligence service.

Our sectors

Our experience spans multiple geographies, industries and commodities

We serve clients across four main sectors, growing and sharing industry-specific expertise.


Working with integrity

“We try not to shy away from difficulties.  Some of our clients source from under-scrutinised suppliers, or invest in countries attracting concern...”
“...which leads to questions internally about whether we should work with them...”
“But if they are prepared to listen to rights-holders at potential risk, work respectfully with us and act sincerely on our findings, we will continue to engage.”

Building global capability to address challenging issues around the world

We meet our clients where they are.