Abi Griffiths Price

I am a sustainable business professional experienced in business and human rights, women’s empowerment and social impact initiatives. I thrive on working with a range of clients, adding value through policy development, capacity building, assessing current approaches to human rights and key risks. Over the last 10 years, I have worked in Europe, Japan, the … Read More

Achim Arnold

As an associate of twentyfifty, I partner with clients to find innovative solutions, from the boardroom to the field. I use my experience in the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, Automotive and Social Media sectors to bring different cultures and diverse groups together to collaborate and co-create solutions for a more sustainable business. I have worked in … Read More

Anna Harvey

I have been driving change for people and business in supply chains for over 13 years through my work as a management consultant. My passion is centred on creating better futures for workers and their families alongside strengthening commercial business. I have worked in multiple sectors (for example, garments, food and FMCG) and with a … Read More

Anna von Sivers

I am a consultant based in Berlin and have lived and worked in Kenya, Myanmar, and Peru. My passion is centred around labour risks, building a long-lasting relationship with stakeholders and embedding human rights in corporate strategies. Before twentyfifty, I worked as an analyst at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development with Sustainability Reporting … Read More

Anneke Bremer

I am a senior consultant based in Berlin and I joined twentyfifty after working on various projects promoting responsible business conduct, mainly in the apparel sector. My expertise is primarily in the apparel, retail and consumer goods sectors, complemented by some project experience in the automotive, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. My work is informed by … Read More

Ann-Kathrin Schewe

I am a business and human rights consultant based in Berlin. Before joining twentyfifty, I worked as a corporate sustainability consultant, advising large and medium-sized firms on their sustainability strategy and reporting requirements, conducting human rights risk analysis and putting human rights legislation into corporate practice. My experience spans across the retail, textile, real estate … Read More

Audrey Delaplagne

I am a responsible business professional with experience in supporting companies to improve their sourcing practices and establish human rights due diligence processes. My expertise is primarily in the apparel and cosmetics sectors. I am passionate about engaging stakeholders and bringing them together to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration. My experience includes building risk assessment … Read More

Ben Rutledge

I have a background in law, trade, and responsible business conduct, and 15 years’ experience working across four continents on issues relevant to corporate sustainability. I am passionate about business and human rights and enjoy working with people to learn and solve challenges together. Previously, I worked with the OECD Centre for Responsible Business Conduct, … Read More

Caroline Vail

As lead for Industrials, Tech and Finance sectors, I strongly believe in the power of business to protect and advance people, society and planet. With this in mind I have spent 20 years working with leading businesses and brands on their human rights and social sustainability journeys hand-in-hand with local communities, stakeholder groups, governments and … Read More

Claire Lynch

I am an associate based in the UK, with over 12 years’ experience in international business, NGO and social enterprise management. As a consultant, I aim to always bring creative, collaborative and solutions-focused thinking to my clients and their projects. Having worked across apparel & textiles and FMCG supply chains, I have extensive experience in … Read More