Case Study

Developing Mocoh’s first ESG strategy


Mocoh specialise in trading and supplying energy across the African continent, with a growing focus on cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions for a lower carbon future. Mocoh commissioned twentyfifty to support the development of a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) vision and roadmap to make the business fit for the future.

The challenge

Recognising the importance of ESG, Mocoh were looking to bring their various ESG activities together into one strategic approach.  Alongside their environmental agenda and their 2030 net zero target, they wanted to align their continued commitment to social and economic progress, especially in Africa.

Our approach

twentyfifty, in partnership with 3Keel, an advisory firm specialising in environmental sustainability and climate change, engaged stakeholders to assess Mocoh’s current ESG approach, including benchmarking Mocoh against their peers.

We also mapped Mocoh’s value chain, including both their current business activities as well as plans to diversify their products and geographic footprint, and carried out a double materiality assessment to identify their most relevant ESG issues.

Finally we facilitated a workshop with their senior management team to prioritise their areas for positive impact and to develop future commodity scenarios.


We delivered a comprehensive ESG roadmap for Mocoh, providing a detailed list of practical actions to implement, from establishing strong governance and risk management systems for environmental and human rights issues, to strategic investments championing positive social impact in Africa.

Mocoh is currently in the process of integrating our recommendations and defining follow up collaboration with twentyfifty to implement its commitments and ESG strategy.

Project details
Client Mocoh
Sector Finance and Trading
Services provided ESG Strategy
Functions involved C-suite, Risk Management, Public Affairs, Country Management, Innovation
Duration 4 months

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