16 August 2023

We are celebrating! Forbes has recognised twentyfifty as one of the World’s Best Management Consulting Firms for sustainability for the second year in a row.

“Being recognised by Forbes is a great endorsement of all the hard work that the twentyfifty team has put in to deliver high quality and impactful human rights work in partnership with our clients.

I would like to thank the team and our clients for leading the way, and congratulate our fellow winners too”.


Luke Wilde, Founder and Chief Executive.

This year the twentyfifty business continues to grow and we have welcomed a range of exciting new clients. We continue to develop and apply our proven tools and methodologies as we embed human rights and social transformation into business strategy and operations. One area of growth is the many global clients and their suppliers who are taking steps to meet new human rights and environmental due diligence legislations in Europe.

Our experienced consultants have also been increasingly applying their expertise to the challenging issues that companies are tackling, such as living wage and living income, human rights and climate change, operating in conflict-affected environments and Just Transition. With each company needing to respond to its unique circumstances, we continue to work with local teams on the ground to engage stakeholders, identify practical action and make tangible change. Taking particular care to ensure that rights holders (those impacted by a company’s operations) are given a voice and it is integrated throughout.

Embedding human rights and social transformation into business strategy and operations isn’t easy, but it is hugely rewarding, and being recognised by Forbes is the ‘icing on the cake’.


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